Price: Starts at 4850 EUR incl Monolith OT’s, excl tubes, add-ons and shipping.

Telemachus is a SET 300B amp. It uses a 6SN7 cascode input stage followed by a MOSFET source follower, or “grid driver”, that drives the 300B grid. The output is then a traditional series feed output with high quality output transformers.

This gives Telemachus the best of both worlds. Fast transients and speed due to the grid drivers while still maintaining the beautiful 300B sound! 

The 300B filaments have regulated 5VDC power supplies for lowest noise. The high voltage power supply can be made both unregulated, if you wish to use rectifier tube, or regulated using SS diode rectification and a Maida style regulator. 

I measured a clean 12.5W of power into 8 ohms so this amp can drive any headphone as well as speakers.


Height: 270mm incl. transformers
Depth: 420mm incl. knobs and speaker outputs.
Width: 430mm.