Price for SE version: 1730 EUR + add-ons and shipping.

Price for balanced version: 2050 EUR + add-ons and shipping.

Psíthyros is a small amp aimed for use with IEMs. So, very quiet background is a priority here! It can be made both SE and Balanced. Both versions uses 6SN7 tube (one in the SE version and two in the balanced one). 

It’s a modern design so anodes will be gyrator loaded for a completely flat load line (the tube will always work in its linear region!) The power supply is regulated of course.

Following the input tube(s) there’s a power buffer (MOSFET source follower) to supply current to the parafeed output. The power buffer drives the output transformer primary from a very low impedance for best control and performance. It doesn’t amplify anything. All amplification is done by the 6SN7 tube(s).

More info and pictures to come.