Price: Starts at 4280 EUR incl Monolith OT’s excl tubes, add-ons and shipping. 

This amp differs a lot from my other amps as Odyssey is an “old school” type design with series feed output transformers. This type of design relies more on part selection. So, big custom output transformers and boutique caps are used throughout. Driver tubes are EL11’s or 6SL7. A variety of dual triode tubes can be used in the 6SL7 socket though. Output tubes are KT88’s with lots of tube rolling options as well. Rectifier is a GZ34 but other rectifiers can be used as well.

Odyssey can drive speakers with ease. It has about 15W of power into 8 ohms in triode mode and 20W in ultralinear mode. Any dynamic/planar headphones on the market can be driven as well from 8 ohms and up.

Odyssey can be configured in many different ways. SET like this one or push pull. Biased around different tubes, different add-ons, inputs, outputs etc..

Black version of Odyssey with dual rectifier tubes

Push pull version of Odyssey