Price: 3040 EUR excluding shipping.

Infinity is a SET, single ended triode, amp with open loop (no gNFB) and parafeed output. The input stage, using the 6AT6 tube, is grid (fixed) biased. Followed by CCS loaded source followers that drive the output tube grids. The grid drivers relieve the input tube of any drive duty. Tubes do only voltage amplification. Tubes do what they do best and FETs do what they do best, supply current.

The output stage is also SE and grid biased, using the 6P36S tube. All tube anodes are gyrator loaded. Both B+ and B- supplies are regulated.

Infinity will have more of the old tube sound than Oblivion and Citadel has. This is because it’s single ended. The balanced amps cancels a lot of distortion and are also constant current draw amps, while Infinity is not. It’s a matter of taste what sound signature you prefer.

Infinity can drive speakers as well as headphones. Highest power output is into 8 ohms around 5W.

Infinity with tube rolling add-on. Here with KT66’s and 6J5G’s

300B version of Infinity

More pictures and info on the amps page

Height: 265mm incl. anti-vibration feet and tubes.
Depth: 420mm incl. knobs and speaker outputs.
Width: 435mm, faceplate is 450mm
2 x 6AT6 for input stage 
2 x 6P36S for output stage
Single ended 2 x RCA
1/4” Headphone output and optional speaker outputs. 
Power outputs
Speaker outputs: 5W into 8ohms

Headphone outputs: 1.7W into 20 ohms, 720mW into 50 ohms, 360mW into 100 ohms, 200mW into 200 ohms, 130mW into 300 ohms.  
With optional impedance switch:
Low: Same as above
High: About double the low impedance setting.

Optional add-ons:

Speaker outputs witch selector switch: 215 EUR
Low/high impedance switch: 150 EUR
Pre-amp outputs with selector switch: 215 EUR
XLR inputs (for convenience): 85 EUR
XLR headphone jack (for convenience): 85 EUR
Tube rolling with bias adjustments: 250 EUR
Redesign around different tubes to your liking: 120 EUR
Silver tube guards: 175 EUR
And more..

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